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Arnold Surname Project

I recruited a maternal cousin of mine to participate in the Arnold DNA Project, which traces the biological fathers of men backwards in time using Y-chromosome DNA. The 
Arnold DNA Project is affiliated with the FamilyTree DNA Company of Houston, Texas. My cousin's kit number in the DNA study is 6441. His known, documented male Arnold ancestors are:


  1. James Arnold, Sr. of Halifax County Virginia. See deeds, tax records from 1782 through 1812 in Halifax County, Virginia
  2. James Arnold, Jr. of Halifax Co., VA > Knox County, Tennessee 1830s > Barren County, Kentucky 1830s - aft 1860
  3. Thomas D. Arnold (1816-1870) Barren County, KY > Walker County, GA > Hunt County, TX
  4. Henry Eldridge Arnold (1862 - aft 1921)
  5. Luther Franklin Arnold (1888 - ?)

My cousin matches the person with kit #9425 exactly at the first 25 DNA markers, which is all the markers for kit #9425. The person with this kit number descends from these fathers: 

Generation Father's name

  1. William Arnold, Sr. (ca. 1725 - bef 27 Jul 1801 Halifax Co., VA)
  2. William Arnold (ca. 1784 - 1851 Wilson Co., TN)
  3. John Bell Arnold (1801 Halifax Co., VA - 1887 Wilson Co., TN)
  4. Charles William Arnold (1834 Wilson Co., TN - 1889 Wilson Co., TN)
  5. Willie Whitfield Arnold (1871 Wilson Co., TN - 1917 Wilson Co., TN)

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