Jim Sims

Making genetic genealogy more understandable...

The following tutorials were originally created as supplemental information for articles I wrote in Acorns to Oaks, the quarterly publication of the Oakland County Genealogical Society (Michigan).

DNA Inheritance patterns

Autosomal DNA (atDNA) Part 1
  • Locate the button/link to download your raw autosomal data from vendor web sites
  • Locate the button to download your match list from vendor web sites
  • Add surnames & locations where your ancestors lived to your account profile at vendor web sites

Autosomal DNA (atDNA) Part 2
  • Phase your autosomal DNA data
  • Filter your match list to view X-chromosome matches
  • Filter your match list to view in-common-with (ICW also called shared matches)
  • AncestryDNA Circles
  • AncestryDNA Hints
  • Filter your match list by surname

Autosomal DNA (atDNA Part 3)
  • Vendor chromosome browsers
  • GEDmatch chromosome browser (updated for Genesis database)

Beginning GEDmatch
  • Upload raw autosomal data
  • Find matches with One-to-Many software tool
  • Confirm a match with the One-to-One software tool
  • Analyze matches with the 3D Chromosome Browser
  • Find triangulated segment matches with the Triangulation tool

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