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Paternity of James Clinton Bilbrey (1866-1951)

Some DNA projects lead to unexpected questions and surprising answers. Questioning the paternity of my ancestor James Clinton Bilbrey was not a question I thought to ask until DNA evidence, both positive and negative, suggested that I did not have a correct understanding of my Bilbrey's ancestors. The hypothesis I am trying to test at present—was James Clinton Bilbrey's father William Monroe Bilbrey (aka M.M. Bilberry) or was his father a man with the Blackmon surname. The leading candidate for a Blackmon father appears to be a man named Minor C. Blackmon (ca. 1832 SC - aft 1871), who was in Bell Co., TX at the right time. If you have genetic evidence that bears on this question, one way or the other, please contact me to discuss it. This project is on-going.

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