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Sims Project

I recruited my male 5th cousin by paper genealogy to be a participant in the Symes DNA Project. After participating in the project for over three years, I had no close matches, which suggested poor sampling of Sims families. My male 5th cousin and I have a good Y-chromosome DNA match, so there seems to be nothing amiss with our line of Sims back to our immigrant ancestor to America sea captain Walter Sims (c. 1760 GB - Jan 1820 Davidson Co., TN). Tennessee might seem like an odd place for a sea captain to spend his final days, to see transcribed sources for his wheeling and dealing, check out my Sea Captain Walter Sims blog. In an effort to understand to political leanings of the first American generation of my Sims family, I conducted extensive research on physician Boyd McNairy who lived most of his life in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN.

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